Skrill Payment Gateway

 Here, at Heaven's Disciples Media, we have always tried to support as many payment methods as possible for Web Hosting and Servers. Over the years, we have added support for PayPal, Western Union payments, bank wire transfers, as well as for different types of credit and debit cards in our quest to make our services accessible to everyone, everywhere.

As of June 2015, Skrill payments are also supported on all order forms across our platform. This payment option is available as an option on the order pages, as well as inside the Hepsia Control Panel.


Why Skrill?

Skrill is an e-commerce platform, which allows our customers to make payments choosing between a variety of methods. We don't have to necessarily support these payment methods ourselves, since many of them are country-specific. When making a purchase, our customers will transfer the money to their Skrill account first and then Skrill will transfer the funds to us. The added bonus is that Skrill does not charge our customers any additional payment fees, which allows us to keep our prices the way they are.

Existing Skrill users can also enter a VIP program through which Skrill will reward them with VIP points for every transaction they make, which can be cashed at a later time.

About Skrill

Skrill was founded in 2001 as Moneybookers. In 2002, Skrill became the first FCA-regulated eMoney issuer in Europe. In 2010, Skrill was acknowledged as the fastest-growing, private equity-backed company in the UK, profit-wise. Since then, Skrill has experienced constant growth and now has more than 36,000,000 end customers and around 150,000 merchants using its payment gateway.