The Hepsia Control Panel With Resource Usage Upgrades

hepsia upgradesOur customers can now better keep up-to-date with their current resource usage. The Hepsia Control Panel has undergone major upgrades to give our web hosting customers a clear idea of what features their sites are hungry for in real time. This will help them make an informed choice about which services to upgrade and thus prevent any eventual downtimes.

Visual improvements to the resource usage table

Users can get lost amidst the tons of features and resources that we offer. They now have a clear idea of how much is left int he basket of resources. We've added a more visual touch to the resource usage table by making it more graphically informative and bell-ringing. The main idea is to keep our web hosting customers informed of what resources they have used at any given moment, so that they know what to upgrade when the time comes.

Resource usage is visualized through different colors in the progress bar:

Four progress bar colors correspond to the following resource usage situations:
Grey - The user is taking advantage of up to 1/6th of the allocated resources;
Green - The user's resource usage is within reasonable limits and they have nothing to worry about;
Orange - The user is reaching a critical resource usage level and is advised to upgrade in order to avoid full resource exhaustion;
Red - The user has already reached a critical resource usage level and is prompted to upgrade immediately. In this case, the whole section is linked to the checkout form to ease the upgrade.

Note: The table of resources is updated in real time. Whenever there is an update to the usage status, it will be reflected in the table without the user needing to refresh the page.

Newly added section-specific resource usage bars

Small progress bars dedicated to a particular feature, depending on the section a user is in, will also be available to measure that feature's resource usage.

hepsia upgrades sections

Visual improvements to the My Domain Names table

In addition to the resource usage table, we've also improved the visibility of the domain names table.

Through the use of different colors, users will now be more visually alerted of the expiring and expired domain names in their hosting account.

Furthermore, users will now be able to renew their domains directly from the table, without having to access the Domain Manager section beforehand. This will work for both single and bulk domain renewals.

In the Domain Manager itself, users will see progress bar alerts about domains that are nearing expiration or have already expired:

Hopefully, the new upgrades will make our customers more conscious of the resources they are using and will make them appreciate our services' scalability even more.

Next week, we'll make another Hepsia Control Panel update in this direction, so stay tuned.